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We give every job "the Designer Touch!"

Designer Landscape

We install both residential and commercial irrigation systems. Automatic watering of the lawn and shrub bed areas makes for a carefree summer and guarantees the plant material will survive through the driest times of the year. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning and seeing the lawn being watered and knowing you do not have to drag hoses and sprinklers across your property. Designer Landscape will install an irrigation system that conserves water and keep your lawns green and your landscape lush.

The components of an irrigation system consist of the irrigation heads, which can be spray or rotor; valves, which control separate zones; pipe; wiring; control box and a backflow preventer. A few of the most commonly used brand names for irrigation components are Toro, Rain Bird, and Hunter.

To conserve water, and for ease of operation, an automatic controller with a timer is installed with the irrigation system. This allows zones to come on at different times and shut off at various intervals. Zones for shrub beds and lawn areas should be on individual stations to allow for proper amounts of water to be delivered to the plants.

Irrigation piping is installed approximately 12” deep. It can be knifed or viber-plated in the ground without using a trencher minimizing the damage to your existing turf.

Irrigation Maintenance

To prevent the pipes from freezing and breaking in the winter, it is necessary to have the water blown out. This is accomplished by using compressed air. Designer Landscape offers spring start-up and fall winterization services for your irrigation system.

If you are having trouble with your existing irrigation system, Designer Landscape offers complete service, troubleshooting, and repairs.

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Contact Designer Landscape to help with any of your Irrigation needs.